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Batterjee Medical College

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Project Brief

Batterjee Medical College is a new private, medical
college in asir, it houses a variety of workshops, classroom
and lecture hall environments. It also includes studying
and collaborations spaces where students participate into
their curriculum.

We worked with them to provide a variety of environmental
graphic design, wayfinding, and exterior signage features.

The Design

We developed a flexible design motif based on
“motivate” quotes and iconography,
pattern/template graphic language.

The design is on all walls elements throughout the
facility: it is provides different levels of designs for all
of the various spaces. The result is a graphic
element that ties spaces together provides the
appropriate level of satstifcation.

Environmental Graphics provide a layered
experience in which identity, imagery, and sense of
place are enhanced through emotional triggers
and touchpoints within a spatial experience.

The wayfinding signs are located in key locations to direct students to the various labs, studios, classrooms,
and offices in the facility.

We used the same pattern and colors for integrated into each of the overhead and door signs to reinforce
the uniqueness of everything about the building.

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