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Project Brief

The clients goal is to reach out to the children while educating them.

We did some partial illustration to let the clients decide, the idea we have is make the design more friendly to the children’s
eye and make it fun while learning, the vision is to play while learn, we have made the illustration connect to each other since
it was a wall art sticker.

Creating the mood
of the learning

The feeling a learning environment evokes isn’t just about the colors, fixtures or furniture. It’s environmental graphic design.

Our team uses the client’s vision as the foundation for their concepts, which mold the mood of the environment through the integration of the color palette and graphics. This means that no two environmental graphic design solutions are the same. Each is tailor made to the community it will serve.

Playground games

Playground games are a great way to entertain children and keep them fit and healthy.

We created avarious games onto school playground using brightly coloured thermoplastic markings or
anti-slip paints, both of which come in a range of vibrant colours. There is no limit to what we can design.

“To us it is about connecting learners to the space they work in every day. We seek to inspire, motivate and encourage learners through our spaces.”

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